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Goliath Enters Moonshine Market: Jack Daniel's Unaged Rye Whiskey


Jun 30, 2017

Recent changes in Tennessee distillery laws have paved the path for several new whiskey distilleries. New brands like Popcorn Sutton, Ole Smokey and Short Mountain Shine have sprung up across the state. But a new product from the godfather of Tennessee whiskey has raised serious eyebrows among industry observers: Jack Daniel's Unaged Rye Whiskey. Jack's new rye whiskey is a bold move for an established brand.  One  industry blog calls it the first new mashbill from Jack Daniel's in over 100 years. We are frankly surprised to see Jack's introduction of an unaged product. New distilleries understandably sell unaged whiskey, which allows the distillery to make some money while it waits several years until whiskey can age. The aging process is one of the biggest barriers to entering the whiskey business - a distillery has to wait 3 to 5 years until its whiskey is aged and comparable to its competitors - Jack Daniels and George Dickel. Read a review of the new Jack Daniel whiskeyhere.


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