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Never gonna keep the Tennessee Distiller's Guild down


Never gonna keep the Tennessee Distiller's Guild down

Nov 7, 2018

A look back at the inaugural whiskey festival in 2014. 

Twenty-nine of the licensed distillers in Tennessee poured their finest at the third annual Grains & Grits Festival in Townsend, Tennessee this past weekend.  The distillers rocked a crowd of approximately 750 thirsty fans, which we figure was pretty much the perfect crowd for the evening.  Rocked on by FGL House band January Noise, there was a ton of energy, enthusiasm and thirst quenching without long lines.

The Third Annual Grains & Grits reminded us how far the Tennessee Distiller’s Guild has come since its first whiskey festival, in the middle of the speedway at the Tennessee State Fair on September 6, 2014. During the past 4 years, Tennessee Distillers have been laying back aged whiskey, with a healthy number of distilleries pouring samples of really tasty samples at this weekend’s fest.

To all the Tennessee distillers out there:  We’re really proud of you guys.  You are killing it.

Chumbawamba’s all-too-catchy thub-thumping is stuck in our heads: 

He drinks a whisky drink

He drinks a vodka drink

He drinks a lager drink

He drinks a cider drink . . .

I get knocked down, but

I get up again

You’re never gonna keep

Me down.

Grains & Grits is a fundraiser for the Tennessee Distiller’s Guild, a 501(c)(6) business league that supports the whiskey industry in Tennessee.  We hope to see you at the Fourth Annual Grains & Grits next Fall. 

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