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Tennessee Liquor Industry Big Player in Money and Politics – Again

We could not help noticing the enormous amounts of money donated by liquor industry associations in the second quarter of 2016.      Nothing really new, but it confirms just how important the state political process is to the wholesalers and retailers, which were massively impacted by wine in groceries (WIGS) and scored a number of victories in the final WIGS law.

According to our friends at The Tennessee Journal, the liquor wholesalers topped the list of all PACS with $106,000 contributed in the second quarter.  Although retail liquor stores were 11th on the list at $39,500, their stellar lobbyists – McMahan Winstead – donated an additional $45,250.

In comparison, the second highest contributor are the Teachers at $63,450.  The hotel restaurant association logged $42,500.

Reminds us of one of our favorite lines from a movie – Richard Pryor in the 1970’s classic “Car Wash”

Cause money walks…..and bullshit talks…

Original author: William T. Cheek III
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